World-class face masks provide two-way protection from spreading airflow with dust particles, bacteria, and viruses, including the dangerous SARS-nCoV-2.

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Several layers of non-woven fabric efficiently break air flows containing any type of bacterial and viral air-transmitted diseases, such as Coronavirus, swine flu, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and prevent spreading of aerosols from the wearer.

Extended applications

Additionally to the medical use, fabric face masks are sufficient for filtering adverse dust particles, suspended aerosols, exhaust gases, fog and pollen and increasing the quality of breathable air.

Unified size

Adjustable elastic ear-loops are thoroughly tested to ensure a tight fit on the face of any age or gender, providing an optimal seal with as few unprotected openings as possible.

About disposable medical masks

Three layers of a thin and lightweight dermatologically tested fabric block direct airflows and provide good breathability with non-polluted air. The fabric successfully prevents microscopical particles, such as harmful dust, pollen, bacteria, H1N1 swine flu or COVID-19 coronavirus from entering the wearer’s breathing airways.

Ecologically sourced non-woven fabric of the masks can be freely disposed into general refuse and can be decomposed in less than a year, thus not harming the nature after being used.

Details: Medical Grade Surgical Mask, Non-sterile Face Mask with Ear-loops, Blue, Pleat-style, Latex-free, 3-layer filter system

Country: Made in Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand etc

Size: Approx 17 x 9 cm/ 6.7 x 3.5 inches.

Condition: New

Color: Blue/Green

Quantity: 1 Box (5 Packs, 50 Pieces in total)

Weight: 230g

Protects from virus, both ways

Two-way effectiveness of the masks protects surrounding people from contagion if worn by an infected person, helping them to receive needed care and remain in social contact without any hazard to those around them. The medical masks ensure optimal protection for up to 6 hours.

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How medical masks work?

Multi-layered face masks ensure clean breathable air in two ways. First, they make sure you don’t breathe in the air directly from the contamination source and re-route the airflow from cleaner areas. Second, the medically tested fabric itself filters remaining microscopic particles, stops gas, pollen, pathogen dust, viruses as small as Coronaviruses and flu from entering your breathing pathways. Together with high personal hygiene and clean hands, the surgical masks make your body impenetrable for any hazards.


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Nicholas A.

I’ve purchased a large bulk shipping of face masks to give away to visitors in my grocery store right at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Up until now, there aren’t any diseased in our block, thanks to simple hygiene and face masks. I’m happy that I bought these and helping to keep my neighbors healthy.

Jacob N.

There’s no need to speak about the shortage of masks nowadays because everyone is obliged to wear them. AMBIGUUS offered us very attractive pricing, and now, all our nurses and doctors are equipped with efficient protection for months ahead.

Lisa S.

I’m responsible for the critical supplies in a private clinic. With the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, we transformed into a virus hospital, and our needs in high-quality disposable masks rose to the moon. We chose AMBIGUUS masks and are very happy with the result. Very fast (!) delivery, tight and convenient package, thumbs up!